Innovative Solutions for Education Ltd

Document Management System

The EMS Library of Resources is an extremely useful and powerful repository for any type of resource – text, pictures, videos, references, links, presentations, audios, maps, instructions, handbooks etc.

Resources may be organised in folders with any level of sub-folders and with excellent viewing, access and security through roles and privileges.

In addition to finding possible resources through the visual folders structure, the powerful tag-search facility allows users to find relevant resources using multiple tags used within individual resources without needing to know the folder structure itself.

The Library may be used for storing groups of resources for course content, for handbooks and joining instructions and for a staff-only set of resources, information or instructions. It is the ideal repository for all standard forms and documents and can also be used – with strong security – to store learners work submitted for courses.

The Library of Resources with its folder structure and tag-retrieval facility is the repository for all the resources being used to make up a learner’s ePortfolio.