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Education Operations of Large Employers

Many large employers have the capacity and desire to create their own internal Education Programmes for employees. These can be study-based programmes or work-based programmes such as Apprenticeships or focussed Continued Professional Development programmes. Each of these are different in their administrative and education process requirements.

In many cases, management of the learning process is still broadly paper-based or through the use of multiple software systems. Neither of these is efficient in use of time and valuable resources or effective in providing quick, accurate information on employees’ progress to improve outcomes and to inform intervention strategies

The new demands on Education Providers including large employers require the use of integrated online solutions to control and track the whole of a learner’s journey with flexibility to handle study-based and work-based courses and with the need for future-proof flexibility particularly in the changing Apprenticeship arena. Immediate access online for management is vital to track and support the learning process of their employees.

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