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InnovEd’s Education Management System (EMS) is ideal for Colleges and Independent Training Providers. It has a full range of features that handle all aspects of study and work-based learning programmes.

Study-based programs assess knowledge and understanding largely via submitted assignments. EMS handles these comprehensively through learners’ submitted assignments which are marked online, communicated back to the learner online and verified online.

In the case of work-based courses, EMS handles these via evidence-based assessments, observation reports, videos of the learner at work, witness statements and learner submissions manually scanned, as attachments or online.

In all cases, learners’ progress tracking is available online and up-to-date at all times. This is ideal for Management Reporting, Financial Reporting and Analytics on performance of individual learners, classes and departments to Senior Management Teams.

In addition Notifications, Alerts and Messaging is particularly useful throughout the student body and Discussion Forums for individual classes or courses helps improve teaching and develop a better collective understanding.

The Library of Resources is an ideal repository for all forms, instructions, handbooks, learning resources and any other information, for staff or social purposes.

The ePortfolio module provides comprehensive and practical capabilities for learners or teachers to assemble and present in an attractive format a portfolio, book or eBook of resources and items uniquely for their work, future use or CV purposes. It can also form a living online record of a learners study, results and work including future CPD.

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