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Sports Sector and National Governing Bodies

The main usage of EMS in the Sports Sector is for online control and development of the qualifications, game knowledge and understanding and competencies of the Coaches and Match Officials under the control of the NGB.

For Professional Leagues rather than NGB’s, the education and skills developments of players in Academies is also particularly successful with wide usage in multiple sports.

Within EMS, full details are stored online of the qualifications and personal details of all Coaches and Match Officials together with their targeted CPD for the next 12 months to retain their qualifications or to improve their capability.

These self-targets (or centrally defined CPD targets) are followed up periodically with self-reviews online and with assessment reviews done when practicable by the NGB to verify the progress or otherwise of the Coach/Match Official.

Measuring and monitoring the competencies of Coaches/Match Officials is another increasingly interesting aspect of the usage of EMS, involving online self-assessments and follow-up assessments by Head Coaches or Match Officials Assessors. Competencies can be assessed against a matrix framework of headings and subheadings defined by the NGB or Leagues involved.

Increasingly, to get around the travel and time-commitment problem of running qualification courses for Coaches and Match Officials, EMS is being used to deliver Qualifications Courses in a blended way with knowledge and understanding elements being completed and auto-assessed online. This is followed by the residential aspect where assignments and assessments are done in person.

Courses for Level 1, 2, 3, 4 UKCC and UEFA Qualifications are typical examples.

Online Concussion Courses are a particularly popular usage of online learning with EMS.

Sports sector and national governing bodies Sports sector and national governing bodies